** Highlighted cities in beige are delivered with a 48 hour turnaround. See below:
For delivery on: Order needs to be submitted on:
Tuesday Thursday and Friday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday
Highlighted cities in grey have a 2pm strict order cut off time.
City Zone Delivery Schedule
29 Palms ** No Service
Acampo D Friday
Acton 5 T/W/TH/F
Agoura 3 T/W/TH/F
Agoura Hills 3 T/W/TH/F
Agua Dulce 5 T/W/TH/F
Alameda B T/W/TH/F
Alamo B T/W/TH/F
Albany B T/W/TH/F
Albion G Thursday
Alhambra 1 T/W/TH/F
Aliso Viejo 3 T/W/TH/F
Alpine ** No Service
Alpine Meadows F W/F
Alta Loma 3 T/W/TH/F
Altadena 1 T/W/TH/F
Alviso C T/W/TH/F
Amador City F T/W/TH/F
American Canyon A T/W/TH/F
Anaheim 2 T/W/TH/F
Anaheim Hills 2 T/W/TH/F
Anchor Bay G Thursday
Anderson G Tuesday
Angels Camp G T/W/TH/F
Angwin B T/W/TH/F
Annapolis G Thursday
Antelope D W/F
Antioch D Thursday
Apple Valley ** No Service
Applegate E Friday
Aptos D T/TH
Arcadia 1 T/W/TH/F
Arcata G Wednesday
Arleta 1 T/W/TH/F
Arnold G T/W/TH/F
Arroyo Grande 5 T/W/TH/F
Artesia 2 T/W/TH/F
Atascadero 5 T/W/TH/F
Atherton C T/W/TH/F
Atwater E Friday
Auburn E Friday
Avalon** 2 T/W/TH/F
Avila Beach 5 T/W/TH/F
Azusa 2 T/W/TH/F
Bakersfield 5 W/TH
Balboa 2 T/W/TH/F
Balboa Island 2 T/W/TH/F
Baldwin Park 2 T/W/TH/F
Ballard 5 T/W/TH/F
Banning 3 T/W/TH/F
Bassett 2 T/W/TH/F
Bear Valley G T/W/TH/F
Beaumont 3 T/W/TH/F
Beckwourth G T/W/TH/F
Bel Air 1 T/W/TH/F
Bell 2 T/W/TH/F
Bell Canyon 1 T/W/TH/F
Bell Gardens 2 T/W/TH/F
Bellflower 2 T/W/TH/F
Belmont C T/W/TH/F
Belmont Shore 2 T/W/TH/F
Belvedere B T/W/TH/F
Ben Lomond D T/TH
Benbow G Wednesday
Benicia A T/W/TH/F
Berkeley B T/W/TH/F
Bermuda Dunes 4 T/W/F
Beverly Hills 1 T/W/TH/F
Big Bear ** No Service
Big Sur F T/W/TH/F
Bishop G T/W/TH/F
Blairsden G T/W/TH/F
Bloomington 3 T/W/TH/F
Blue Jay ** No Service
Blythe ** No Service
Bodega Bay C Thursday
Bolinas C Thursday
Bonita 3 T/W/TH/F
Bonsall 4 T/TH/F
Boonville G Thursday
Borrego Springs ** No Service
Boulder Creek D T/TH
Boyes Hot Springs B T/W/TH/F
Brea 2 T/W/TH/F
Brentwood D Thursday
Brentwood 1 T/W/TH/F
Brisbane C T/W/TH/F
Brockway E W/F
Brooks F Tuesday
Buellton 5 T/W/TH/F
Buena Park 2 T/W/TH/F
Burbank 1 T/W/TH/F
Burlingame C T/W/TH/F
Byron D Thursday
Cabazon 3 T/W/TH/F
Calabasas 1 T/W/TH/F
Calexico ** No Service
Calimesa 3 T/W/TH/F
Calistoga B T/W/TH/F
Camarillo 3 T/W/TH/F
Cambria 5 T/W/TH/F
Cameron Park D W/F
Camino E Wednesday
Camp Pendleton ** No Service
Campbell C T/W/TH/F
Canoga Park 1 T/W/TH/F
Canyon Country 2 T/TH
Canyon Lake 4 T/TH/F
Capistrano Beach 3 T/W/TH/F
Capitola D T/TH
Cardiff By Sea 3 T/W/TH/F
Carlsbad 3 T/W/TH/F
Carmel D T/W/TH/F
Carmel Highlands D T/W/TH/F
Carmel Valley F Thursday
Carmichael D W/F
Carnelian Bay E W/F
Carpenteria 3 T/W/TH/F
Carson 2 T/W/TH/F
Carson-Bristol Farms** 2 4am Fri
Casmalia 5 T/W/TH/F
Caspar G Thursday
Castro Valley C T/W/TH/F
Castroville D T/W/TH/F
Cathedral City 4 T/W/F
Cayucos 5 T/W/TH/F
Cazadero C Thursday
Cedar Flat E W/F
Cedar Ridge F Friday
Ceder Glen ** No Service
Century City 1 T/W/TH/F
Ceres E Friday
Cerritos 2 T/W/TH/F
Chatsworth 1 T/W/TH/F
Chicago Park E Friday
Chico F Tuesday
Chino 3 T/W/TH/F
Chino Hills 3 T/W/TH/F
Chowchilla F T/W/TH/F
Chula Vista 3 T/W/TH/F
Citrus Heights D W/F
City of Industry 2 T/W/TH/F
Claremont 3 T/W/TH/F
Clarksburg D T/W/TH/F
Clayton B T/W/TH/F
Clearlake ** No Service
Clements E T/W/TH/F
Clio G T/W/TH/F
Cloverdale D Thursday
Clovis F T/W/TH/F
Coachella 4 T/W/F
Coalinga G W/TH
Coarsegold F Thursday
Cold Springs G Wednesday
Colfax E Friday
Colma C T/W/TH/F
Colton 3 T/W/TH/F
Columbia G T/W/TH/F
Colusa F Tuesday
Commerce 2 T/W/TH/F
Compton 2 T/W/TH/F
Concord B T/W/TH/F
Copperopolis G T/W/TH/F
Corning F Tuesday
Corona 4 T/TH/F
Corona Del Mar 2 T/W/TH/F
Coronado 3 T/W/TH/F
Corral de Tierra F Thursday
Corralitos D T/TH
Corte Madera B T/W/TH/F
Costa Mesa 2 T/W/TH/F
Costco Whse D By Appt
Cotati B T/W/TH/F
Coto De Caza 3 T/W/TH/F
Covina 2 T/W/TH/F
Covington ** No Service
Crescent City ** No Service
Creston 5 T/W/TH/F
Crockett B T/W/TH/F
Cromberg F T/W/TH/F
Crowley Lake G T/W/TH/F
Culver City 1 T/W/TH/F
Cupertino C T/W/TH/F
Cypress 2 T/W/TH/F
Daly City C T/W/TH/F
Dana Point 3 T/W/TH/F
Danville C T/W/TH/F
Davenport D T/TH
Davis C T/W/TH/F
Deer Park B T/W/TH/F
Deerfield Beach ** No Service
Dehli E Friday
Del Mar 3 T/W/TH/F
Del Rey Oaks D T/W/TH/F
Delano 5 W/TH
Desert Hot Springs 4 T/W/F
Diablo C T/W/TH/F
Diamond Bar 3 T/W/TH/F
Diamond Springs E W/F
Dillon Beach C Thursday
Discovery Bay D Thursday
Dixon D T/W/TH/F
Dove Canyon 3 T/W/TH/F
Downey 2 T/W/TH/F
Downieville F T/W/TH/F
Duarte 3 T/W/TH/F
Dublin C T/W/TH/F
Duncan Mills F Thursday
Dunsmuir G E.O Tuesday
Dutch Flat E Friday
Eagle Rock 1 T/W/TH/F
Echo Lake F Wednesday
Edwards Afb ** No Service
El Cajon 3 T/W/TH/F
El Centro ** No Service
El Cerrito B T/W/TH/F
El Dorado E W/F
El Dorado Hills D W/F
El Granada D T/TH
El Macero D T/W/TH/F
El Monte 3 T/W/TH/F
El Portal G Thursday
El Segundo 2 T/W/TH/F
El Sobrante B T/W/TH/F
El Verano B T/W/TH/F
Elk G Thursday
Elk Grove D T/TH
Emerald Hills C T/W/TH/F
Emeryville B T/W/TH/F
Encinitas 3 T/W/TH/F
Encino 1 T/W/TH/F
Escondido 4 T/TH/F
Eureka G Wednesday
Exeter G W/TH
Fair Oaks D W/F
Fairfax B T/W/TH/F
Fairfield C T/W/TH/F
Fairplay D T/W/TH/F
Fall River Mills ** No Service
Fallbrook 4 T/TH/F
Fallen Leaf F Wednesday
Farmington D Friday
Felton D T/TH
Ferndale G Wednesday
Fiddletown D W/F
Fish Camp G Thursday
Folsom D W/F
Fontana 3 T/W/TH/F
Foothill Ranch 3 T/W/TH/F
Forestville B T/W/TH/F
Fort Bragg G Thursday
Fortuna G Wednesday
Foster City C T/W/TH/F
Fountain Valley 2 T/W/TH/F
Frazier Park 5 T/W/TH/F
Freedom D T/TH
Freeport D T/TH
Fremont C T/W/TH/F
French Camp D Friday
Fresno F T/W/TH/F
Fullerton 2 T/W/TH/F
Fulton B T/W/TH/F
Galt D Friday
Garberville G Wednesday
Garden Grove 2 T/W/TH/F
Gardena 2 T/W/TH/F
Gasquet ** No Service
Georgetown ** No Service
Geyserville C T/W/TH/F
Gilroy D T/W/TH/F
Glen Ellen B T/W/TH/F
Glendale 1 T/W/TH/F
Glendora 2 T/W/TH/F
Gold River D W/F
Goleta 3 T/W/TH/F
Gonzales F T/W/TH/F
Graegle G T/W/TH/F
Granada Hills 1 T/W/TH/F
Grand Terrace 3 T/W/TH/F
Granite Bay D W/F
Grass Valley E Friday
Graton B T/W/TH/F
Greenbrae B T/W/TH/F
Greenfield F T/W/TH/F
Groveland G T/W/TH/F
Grover Beach 5 T/W/TH/F
Guadalupe 5 T/W/TH/F
Gualala G Thursday
Guasti 3 T/W/TH/F
Guerneville G Thursday
Hacienda Heights 3 T/W/TH/F
Half Moon Bay D T/TH
Hanford G W/TH
Harbor City 2 T/W/TH/F
Harmony 5 T/W/TH/F
Hawthorne 2 T/W/TH/F
Hayfork G Tuesday
Hayward C T/W/TH/F
Healdsburg B T/W/TH/F
Helendale ** No Service
Hemet 5 E.O. Wednesday
Hercules B T/W/TH/F
Hermosa Beach 2 T/W/TH/F
Hesperia ** No Service
Hidden Hills 3 T/W/TH/F
Hidden Valley ** No Service
Hidden Valley Lake ** No Service
Highland 3 T/W/TH/F
Hillsborough C T/W/TH/F
Hollister D T/W/TH/F
Hollywood 1 T/W/TH/F
Homewood E W/F
Hope Valley G T/W/TH/F
Hopland G Wednesday
Huntington Beach 2 T/W/TH/F
Huntington Park 2 T/W/TH/F
Hydesville G Wednesday
Idyllwild ** No Service
Ignacio B T/W/TH/F
Imperial Beach 3 T/W/TH/F
Indian Wells 4 T/W/F
Indio 4 T/W/F
Inglewood 2 T/W/TH/F
Inverness C Thursday
Irvine 2 T/W/TH/F
Irwindale 2 T/W/TH/F
Isla Vista 3 T/W/TH/F
Isleton D Friday
Jackson F T/W/TH/F
Jamestown G T/W/TH/F
Jamul ** No Service
Jenner F Thursday
Johnsville G T/W/TH/F
Joshua Tree 5 E.O. Wednesday
June Lake G T/W/TH/F
Kelseyville ** No Service
Kensington B T/W/TH/F
Kentfield B T/W/TH/F
Kenwood B T/W/TH/F
Kernville ** No Service
King City F T/W/TH/F
Kings Beach E W/F
Kingsburg G W/TH
Kingvale E W/F
Kirkwood G T/W/TH/F
La Canada 1 T/W/TH/F
La Canada Flintridge 1 T/W/TH/F
La Costa 3 T/W/TH/F
La Crescenta 1 T/W/TH/F
La Habra 2 T/W/TH/F
La Honda D T/TH
La Jolla 3 T/W/TH/F
La Mesa 3 T/W/TH/F
La Mirada 2 T/W/TH/F
La Palma 2 T/W/TH/F
La Puente 2 T/W/TH/F
La Quinta 4 T/W/F
La Selva Beach D T/TH
La Verne 3 T/W/TH/F
Ladera Ranch 3 T/W/TH/F
Lafayette B T/W/TH/F
Laguna 3 T/W/TH/F
Laguna Beach 3 T/W/TH/F
Laguna Hills 3 T/W/TH/F
Laguna Niguel 3 T/W/TH/F
Laguna Woods 3 T/W/TH/F
Lagunitas C Thursday
Lake Almanor ** No Service
Lake Arrowhead ** No Service
Lake Elsinore 4 T/TH/F
Lake Forest 3 T/W/TH/F
Lake Tahoe E W/F
Lakeport ** No Service
Lakeside ** No Service
Lakewood 2 T/W/TH/F
Lamont 5 W/TH
Lancaster 5 T/W/TH/F
Larkspur B T/W/TH/F
Lathrop D Friday
Lawndale 2 T/W/TH/F
Laytonville G Wednesday
Lee Vining G T/W/TH/F
Lemon Grove 3 T/W/TH/F
Lemoore G W/TH
Leucadia 3 T/W/TH/F
Lincoln D W/F
Linden D Friday
Little River G Thursday
Live Oak F Tuesday
Livermore C T/W/TH/F
Lockford D Friday
Lodi D Friday
Loma Linda 3 T/W/TH/F
Lomita 2 T/W/TH/F
Lompoc 5 T/W/TH/F
Lone Pine ** No Service
Long Beach 2 T/W/TH/F
Loomis D W/F
Los Alamitos 2 T/W/TH/F
Los Alamos 5 T/W/TH/F
Los Altos C T/W/TH/F
Los Altos Hills C T/W/TH/F
Los Angeles 1 T/W/TH/F
Los Banos F T/W/TH/F
Los Feliz 1 T/W/TH/F
Los Gatos C T/W/TH/F
Los Olivos 5 T/W/TH/F
Los Osos 5 T/W/TH/F
Lotus F W/F
Lower Lake ** No Service
Lucerne ** No Service
Lynwood 2 T/W/TH/F
Madera F T/F
Madison ** No Service
Makati Ciy ** No Service
Malibu 2 T/W/TH/F
Mammoth Lakes G T/W/TH/F
Manchester F Thursday
Manhattan Beach 2 T/W/TH/F
Manteca D Friday
Mar Vista 1 T/W/TH/F
Mare Island A T/W/TH/F
Marin City B T/W/TH/F
Marina D T/W/TH/F
Marina Del Rey 1 T/W/TH/F
Mariposa G Thursday
Marshall C Thursday
Martinez B T/W/TH/F
Marysville F Tuesday
McClellan A F B D W/F
McKinleyville G Wednesday
Meadow Vista E Friday
Mendocino G Thursday
Menifee 4 T/TH/F
Menlo Park C T/W/TH/F
Mentone 3 T/W/TH/F
Merced E Friday
Meyers E Wednesday
Middletown ** No Service
Midpines G Thursday
Midway City 2 T/W/TH/F
Mill Valley B T/W/TH/F
Millbrae C T/W/TH/F
Milpitas C T/W/TH/F
Mira Loma 3 T/W/TH/F
Mira Loma-Costco Whs 3 by appt
Mira Mesa 3 T/W/TH/F
Mission Hills 1 T/W/TH/F
Mission Viejo 3 T/W/TH/F
Modesto D Friday
Monarch Beach 3 T/W/TH/F
Mono Lake G T/W/TH/F
Monrovia 1 T/W/TH/F
Montara D T/TH
Montclair 3 T/W/TH/F
Monte Rio F Thursday
Monte Sereno C T/W/TH/F
Montebello 2 T/W/TH/F
Montecito 3 T/W/TH/F
Monterey D T/W/TH/F
Monterey Park 1 T/W/TH/F
Montrose 1 T/W/TH/F
Moorpark 3 T/W/TH/F
Moraga B T/W/TH/F
Moreno Valley 3 T/W/TH/F
Morgan Hill D T/W/TH/F
Morro Bay 5 T/W/TH/F
Moss Beach D T/TH
Moss Landing D T/W/TH/F
Mount Aukum D T/W/TH/F
Mountain House D Friday
Mountain Ranch E T/W/TH/F
Mountain View C T/W/TH/F
Mt Shasta G E.O Tuesday
Muir Beach C Thursday
Murphys G T/W/TH/F
Murrieta 4 T/TH/F
Myers Flats G Wednesday
Napa A T/W/TH/F
National City 3 T/W/TH/F
Navarro F Thursday
Nevada City E Friday
Newark C T/W/TH/F
Newbury Park 3 T/W/TH/F
Newcastle E W/F
Newhall 2 T/TH
Newman E Friday
Newport Beach 2 T/W/TH/F
Newport Coast 2 T/W/TH/F
Nicasio C Thursday
Nice ** No Service
Nicolaus F Tuesday
Nipomo 5 T/W/TH/F
Norco 3 T/W/TH/F
Norden D W/F
North Fork E T/W/TH/F
North Highlands D W/F
North Hills 1 T/W/TH/F
North Hollywood 1 T/W/TH/F
North Star E W/F
Northridge 1 T/W/TH/F
Norwalk 2 T/W/TH/F
Novato B T/W/TH/F
O Fallon ** No Service
Oak Park 3 T/W/TH/F
Oak View 3 T/W/TH/F
Oakdale D Friday
Oakhurst G Thursday
Oakland B T/W/TH/F
Oakley D Thursday
Oakmont B T/W/TH/F
Oakville A T/W/TH/F
Occidental C Thursday
Ocean Beach 3 T/W/TH/F
Oceanside 3 T/W/TH/F
Ojai 3 T/W/TH/F
Olema C Thursday
Olympic Valley E W/F
Olympic Village E W/F
Ontario 3 T/W/TH/F
Orange 2 T/W/TH/F
Orangevale D W/F
Orcutt 5 T/W/TH/F
Ord Military Community D T/W/TH/F
Oregon House ** No Service
Orinda B T/W/TH/F
Orland F Tuesday
Oroville F Tuesday
Oxnard 3 T/W/TH/F
Pacheco B T/W/TH/F
Pacific Beach 3 T/W/TH/F
Pacific Grove D T/W/TH/F
Pacific Palisades 2 T/W/TH/F
Pacifica D T/TH
Pacoima 1 T/W/TH/F
Pala 4 T/TH/F
Palm Desert 4 T/W/F
Palm Springs 4 T/W/F
Palmdale 5 T/W/TH/F
Palo Alto C T/W/TH/F
Palos Verdes 2 T/W/TH/F
Palos Verdes Peninsula 2 T/W/TH/F
Panorama City 1 T/W/TH/F
Paradise F Tuesday
Pasadena 1 T/W/TH/F
Paso Robles 5 T/W/TH/F
Patterson E Friday
Pauma Valley 4 T/TH/F
Pebble Beach D T/W/TH/F
Penn Valley E Friday
Penngrove B T/W/TH/F
Perris 4 T/W/F
Pescadero D T/TH
Petaluma B T/W/TH/F
Philo G Thursday
Pico Rivera 2 T/W/TH/F
Piedmont B T/W/TH/F
Pine Grove G T/W/TH/F
Pine Mountain Club 5 W/TH
Pinecrest ** No Service
Pinole B T/W/TH/F
Pioneer G T/W/TH/F
Piru ** No Service
Pismo Beach 5 T/W/TH/F
Pittsburg D Thursday
Placentia 2 T/W/TH/F
Placerville F Wednesday
Playa Del Rey 1 T/W/TH/F
Pleasant Hill B T/W/TH/F
Pleasanton C T/W/TH/F
Plymouth D T/W/TH/F
Point Arena G Thursday
Point Loma 3 T/W/TH/F
Point Reyes C Thursday
Point Reyes Station C Thursday
Point Richmond B T/W/TH/F
Pollock Pines E Wednesday
Pomona 3 T/W/TH/F
Pope Valley B T/W/TH/F
Port Costa B T/W/TH/F
Port Hueneme 3 T/W/TH/F
Porter Ranch 1 T/W/TH/F
Porterville 5 W/TH
Portola F T/W/TH/F
Portola Valley C T/W/TH/F
Potter Valley G Wednesday
Poway 4 T/TH/F
Princeton By the Sea D T/TH
Quincy G T/W/TH/F
Ramona ** No Service
Rancho Bernardo 4 T/TH/F
Rancho Cordova D W/F
Rancho Cucamonga 3 T/W/TH/F
Rancho Dominguez 2 T/W/TH/F
Rancho Mirage 4 T/W/F
Rancho Murietta D W/F
Rancho Palos Verdes 2 T/W/TH/F
Rancho Penasquitos 4 T/TH/F
Rancho San Diego 4 T/TH/F
Rancho Santa Fe 3 T/W/TH/F
Red Bluff F Tuesday
Redding G Tuesday
Redlands 3 T/W/TH/F
Redondo Beach 2 T/W/TH/F
Redway G Wednesday
Redwood City C T/W/TH/F
Redwood Estates D T/TH
Redwood Shores C T/W/TH/F
Redwood Valley G Thursday
Rescue F W/F
Reseda 1 T/W/TH/F
Rialto 3 T/W/TH/F
Richmond B T/W/TH/F
Rio Del Mar D T/TH
Rio Linda D W/F
Rio Nido F Thursday
Rio Vista D Friday
Ripon D Friday
Riverbank D Friday
Riverside 3 T/W/TH/F
Rocklin D W/F
Rodeo B T/W/TH/F
Rohnert Park B T/W/TH/F
Rolling Hills 2 T/W/TH/F
Rolling Hills Estates 2 T/W/TH/F
Romona ** No Service
Rosemead 1 T/W/TH/F
Roseville D W/F
Ross B T/W/TH/F
Rowland Heights 3 T/W/TH/F
Rutherford A T/W/TH/F
Ryde D Friday
Sacramento C T/W/TH/F
Salida D Friday
Salinas D T/W/TH/F
San Andreas F T/W/TH/F
San Anselmo B T/W/TH/F
San Bernardino 3 T/W/TH/F
San Bruno C T/W/TH/F
San Carlos C T/W/TH/F
San Clemente 3 T/W/TH/F
San Diego 3 T/W/TH/F
San Dimas 3 T/W/TH/F
San Fernando 1 T/W/TH/F
San Francicso C T/W/TH/F
San Gabriel 1 T/W/TH/F
San Geronimo C Thursday
San Gregorio D T/TH
San Jacinto 5 E.O. Wednesday
San Jose C T/W/TH/F
San Juan Bautista D T/W/TH/F
San Juan Capistrano 3 T/W/TH/F
San Leandro B T/W/TH/F
San Lorenzo B T/W/TH/F
San Luis Obispo 5 T/W/TH/F
San Marcos 4 T/TH/F
San Marino 1 T/W/TH/F
San Martin D T/W/TH/F
San Mateo C T/W/TH/F
San Miguel 5 T/W/TH/F
San Pablo B T/W/TH/F
San Pedro 2 T/W/TH/F
San Quentin B T/W/TH/F
San Rafael B T/W/TH/F
San Ramon C T/W/TH/F
San Simeon 5 T/W/TH/F
San Ysidro ** No Service
Sand City D T/W/TH/F
Sanger F T/W/TH/F
Santa Ana 2 T/W/TH/F
Santa Barbara 3 T/W/TH/F
Santa Clara C T/W/TH/F
Santa Clarita 2 T/TH
Santa Cruz D T/TH
Santa Fe Springs 2 T/W/TH/F
Santa Margarita 5 T/W/TH/F
Santa Maria 5 T/W/TH/F
Santa Monica 2 T/W/TH/F
Santa Paula 3 T/W/TH/F
Santa Rosa B T/W/TH/F
Santa Ynez 5 T/W/TH/F
Santa Ysabel ** No Service
Santee 3 T/W/TH/F
Saratoga C T/W/TH/F
Sardine Lake ** No Service
Saugus 2 T/TH
Sausalito B T/W/TH/F
Scotia G Wednesday
Scotts Valley D T/TH
Sea Ranch G Thursday
Seal Beach 2 T/W/TH/F
Seaside D T/W/TH/F
Sebastopol B T/W/TH/F
Selma G T/W/TH/F
Shandon ** No Service
Shell Beach 5 T/W/TH/F
Shelter Cove ** No Service
Sherman Oaks 1 T/W/TH/F
Shingle Springs D W/F
Siera Madre 1 T/W/TH/F
Sierra City F T/W/TH/F
Signal Hill 2 T/W/TH/F
Silver Lake 1 T/W/TH/F
Simi Valley 3 T/W/TH/F
Sloughhouse G T/W/TH/F
Sly Park E W/F
Smith River ** No Service
Soda Springs E W/F
Solano Beach 3 T/W/TH/F
Soledad F T/W/TH/F
Solvang 5 T/W/TH/F
Somerset ** No Service
Somis 3 T/W/TH/F
Sonoma B T/W/TH/F
Sonora G T/W/TH/F
Soquel D T/TH
South El Monte 3 T/W/TH/F
South Gate 2 T/W/TH/F
South Lake Tahoe F Wednesday
South Pasadena 1 T/W/TH/F
South San Francisco C T/W/TH/F
Spreckels F Thursday
Spring Valley 3 T/W/TH/F
St Helena A T/W/TH/F
Stanford C T/W/TH/F
Stanton 2 T/W/TH/F
Stevenson Ranch 2 T/TH
Stewarts Piont F Thursday
Stinson Beach C Thursday
Stockton D Friday
Studio City 1 T/W/TH/F
Sugar Pine G Thursday
Suisun D T/W/TH/F
Summerland 3 T/W/TH/F
Sun City ** No Service
Sun Valley 1 T/W/TH/F
Sunland 1 T/W/TH/F
Sunnyvale C T/W/TH/F
Sunol C T/W/TH/F
Sunset Beach 2 T/W/TH/F
Sutter Creek F T/W/TH/F
Sylmar 1 T/W/TH/F
Tahoe City E W/F
Tahoe Vista E W/F
Tahoma E W/F
Tarzana 1 T/W/TH/F
Tehachapi 5 T/W/TH/F
Temecula 4 T/TH/F
Temple City 1 T/W/TH/F
Templeton 5 T/W/TH/F
Terra Bella 5 W/TH
Thousand Oaks 3 T/W/TH/F
Thousand Palms 4 T/W/F
Tiburon B T/W/TH/F
Toluca Lake 1 T/W/TH/F
Tomales C Thursday
Topanga 1 T/W/TH/F
Topanga Canyon 1 T/W/TH/F
Torrance 2 T/W/TH/F
Trabuco Canyon 3 T/W/TH/F
Tracy D Friday
Tracy-Costco Warehouse D by appt
Traver G W/TH
Travis D T/W/TH/F
Treasure Island C T/W/TH/F
Tres Pinos D T/W/TH/F
Trinidad G Wednesday
Truckee E W/F
Tujunga 1 T/W/TH/F
Tulare G W/TH
Tulsa ** No Service
Tuolumne G T/W/TH/F
Turlock E Friday
Tustin 2 T/W/TH/F
Twain Harte G T/W/TH/F
Twin Peaks ** No Service
Ukiah G Wednesday
Union City B T/W/TH/F
Universal City 1 T/W/TH/F
Upland 3 T/W/TH/F
Vacaville C T/W/TH/F
Valencia 2 T/TH
Vallecito G T/W/TH/F
Vallejo A T/W/TH/F
Valley Center 4 T/TH/F
Valley Ford C Thursday
Valley Springs ** No Service
Valley Village 1 T/W/TH/F
Van Nuys 1 T/W/TH/F
Venice 1 T/W/TH/F
Ventura 3 T/W/TH/F
Vernon 2 T/W/TH/F
Victor D Friday
Victorville ** No Service
Villa Grande E Thursday
Villa Park 2 T/W/TH/F
Vineburg B T/W/TH/F
Visalia G W/TH
Vista 3 T/W/TH/F
Volcano G T/W/TH/F
Walnut 2 T/W/TH/F
Walnut Creek B T/W/TH/F
Walnut Grove D Friday
Waterford D Friday
Watsonville D T/TH
Weaverville G Tuesday
Weed G E.O Tuesday
West Covina 2 T/W/TH/F
West Hills 1 T/W/TH/F
West Hollywood 1 T/W/TH/F
West Los Angeles 1 T/W/TH/F
West Sacramento C T/W/TH/F
Westlake 3 T/W/TH/F
Westlake Village 3 T/W/TH/F
Westminister 2 T/W/TH/F
Westport G Thursday
Westwood 1 T/W/TH/F
Wheatland F Tuesday
Whitethorn ** No Service
Whittier 2 T/W/TH/F
Wildomar 4 T/TH/F
Williams F Tuesday
Willits G Wednesday
Wilmington 2 T/W/TH/F
Wilton D T/W/TH/F
Winchester 4 T/TH/F
Windsor B T/W/TH/F
Winnetka 1 T/W/TH/F
Winters D W/F
Winton E Friday
Woodacre B T/W/TH/F
Woodbridge D Friday
Woodland D T/W/TH/F
Woodland Hills 1 T/W/TH/F
Woodside C T/W/TH/F
Yolo D T/W/TH/F
Yorba Linda 2 T/W/TH/F
Yorkville G Thursday
Yosemite G Thursday
Yountville A T/W/TH/F
Yuba City F Tuesday
Yucaipa 3 T/W/TH/F
Yucca Valley 5 E.O Wed